If you are planning to buy the house of your dreams, how will you finance it?

What costs will a lease incur? What are the tax consequences of the purchase?

How to pay off your debt?

What about the consequences of rising mortgage rates?

Mortgage simulation

In order to carry out a mortgage simulation, here is what you need to know.

The calculation for a purchase made in switzerland takes into account:

  • a non-depreciable portion equal to 65% of the borrowed amount
  • a set depreciable amount calculated over 20 years
  • 20% own funds
  • annual financial burden < 33%

 So we can help simulating your mortgage, you need to have:

  • the purchase price of your property
  • the amount of your capital
  • your gross annual income

First purchase

We walk you through the process of buying a property: from the assessment of your personal situation to the project’s feasibility, from finding the best mortgage to the signature of deeds of property. Before offering you the best funding formula, Maximum Value advisors will prepare an analysis based on your personal, professional and family situation. This will ensure that your project is feasible according to general financial trends and developments in the housing market. Anticipating your future financial situation will help you make the best possible choice.

While a counselor attached to a particular organisation will only offer a certain type of product, Maximum Value brokers will open up new opportunities by offering several financing alternatives, thanks to their independent and neutral status.

Through Maximum Value’s professional ethics, you will achieve independence from financial institutions.

Secondary market

Since your last purchase, the mortgage market has evolved. A mortgage advisor will give you all the current and accurate information on your transaction as well as the subsequent necessary financing. This will ensure you get the best rate for a product best suited to your needs.


Protect yourself against any fluctuations in interest rates when renewing your mortgage. At Maximum Value, we are committed to seeking the best products and conditions to your satisfaction. We are able to negotiate a competitive rate of interest and a financial product to best suit your needs.

Commercial mortgage

New products are available when purchasing, renting or refinancing an industrial commercial building. You may get capital for transactions such as: purchase, expansion, renovation, loan consolidation, …


You wish to refinance your property by increasing your mortgage and consolidate personal debts to finance renovations or to invest.

At Maximum Value, we help you negotiate when refinancing your mortgage in order to get a better deal. Various factors need to be taken into account when refinancing: equity loan on your home, consolidation of other debts, renovations and improvements to the property.


Several institutions specialize in mortgage for self-employed individuals. Some of them are not well known, as they often are subsidiaries of large banks since they only deal with mortgage brokers.

Their eligibility criteria are different from those of traditional institutions, especially for the self-employed, which helps provide more attractive mortgage at a very interesting interest rate.