How best to invest your money in the long term, build an estate or grow your capital? How to optimize both your pension and taxes?

Savings account

The savings account allows you to save for mid to long term plans. Unlike a private account, the savings account holder will benefit from higher interest rates. However, large withdrawals can only be done by observing a period of notice. The savings account does not allow daily payment transactions or online banking.

 Long term savings

To maintain your standard of living and enjoy retirement, you should plan your personal pension as soon as possible.

We support you by offering tailored, comprehensive and long-term investment solutions. Our advice is professional, neutral and guided by your requirements.

In order to define your strategy, you may start with the following questions:

  • What is my saving capacity ?
  • How much can I save each month ?
  • What is my investment horizon ?
  • Am I willing to take a risk of loss in capital ?