We answer your questions whether it is about early retirement, annuities from the AVS or your pension fund. We assist you in the choice between annuity and capital, simulating the tax consequences of either option and considering the placement of your money if you take the capital.

 We analyze your insurance coverage (1st, 2nd, 3rd pillar) and its associated risks, providing you with comparative solutions from the best Swiss companies.

Pension funds

The new legal provisions and orders relating to occupational pension schemes came into force in 2012. We show you how to optimize your situation according to these new constraints.

The Three Pillar Principle

 Insurance against old age, death, invalidity, accident, illness and unemployment are regulated in Switzerland following a system of 3 pillars:

1st pillar: State provision

2nd pillar: Occupational pension

3rd pillar: Personal provision

It is subdivided into two categories: pillar 3a -fixed pension plan- and pillar 3b as a flexible pension plan the two having differing benefits and tax advantages. While the obligatory 1st and 2nd pillars cover about 60% of your former income, 3rd pillar provisions allow you to continue enjoying the same standard of living as before. It is encouraged by the federal and cantonal authorities by means of tax concessions.