Compulsory health insurance

Compulsory health insurance guarantees to every person living in Switzerland access to quality medical services and appropriate medical treatment in his home canton.

Any person domiciled in Switzerland is obliged to subscribe to health insurance, but is given a choice in terms of the insurer. In Switzerland there are about 90 insurance funds recognized by the Federal Office of Public Health and authorized to provide insurance benefits. Health insurance companies must accept everyone, regardless of age or health status.

Health insurance benefits

Health insurance provides benefits in case of sickness, maternity and accident, in the absence of coverage by an accident insurance. In addition to this compulsory insurance, one can conclude supplementary insurance covering more benefits, such as hospital stays in private or semi-private division.

Health insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums vary according to insurance providers and place of residence. Policyholders who agree to a limited choice of doctor or hospital or who bear a larger share of the costs (franchise) pay lower premiums.