Maximum Value offers a wide range of services, which goes beyond accounting and taxation. We also help individuals set up their own company, we look after its management as well as the human resources side. Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer real estate financing as well as financial investments services.

Yes indeed. We do natural and legal persons’ tax returns from Geneva, as well as other cantons. Also, if you wish to change the amount of your monthly payments or get an extension for your tax return, we can do it for you.

We guide you through the process of setting up your own company. Our experience, advice and network will save you both time and money. We offer advice on the most suitable legal form (RI, SNC, SA, SARL) and we will take care of the resulting necessary paperwork.

A SME or a self-employed person with few invoices should subcontract their accounting tasks entirely. We will keep your accounts at our offices, with our software.

Your first interview with one of our advisers is always free. During the next consultation, our advisor will present you with a fee contract, detailing all prices.

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